A Unique Battery of Marketing Services!

Whether you want to enhance your Marketing Strategy by better understanding marketplace needs, reach out to customers through Content Marketing and Social Media, or develop visual images and video, Evolution Research & Marketing Services is a one-stop solution!

Know your marketplace Conduct Research

Good marketing requires good insight. Marketplace research can provide the marketing focus your need through understanding of your customers. Our approach means you can do it affordably using the Internet.

implement your marketing Right Strategies

Once you have the right Marketing Strategy, it has to be implemented and followed. We have the expertise to make sure it's done right. We can focus on projects you don't have time for, or manage your entire marketing plan.

Develop content Need Help?

Whether you create your own content or need content developed for you, we're here to help. We have the expertise in writing, editing and SEO to make content jump off the screen.

save time Virtual Marketing Department

If you don't have an internal marketing department, we can become your virtual one, doing all the work you need to make your business visible.

Select Service Offerings

Survey research

We offer a variety of custom research studies. While every project is different based on the client's goals and objectives, we have the methodological solution.

SPSS Data tabulation

We can create custom tables in SPSS, the premiere statistics solution from IBM. Whether the data is collected from a study we conduct or from data mined by the client, it can easily be turned into meaningful crosstabs.

Photo & Video Editing

Experts in Photoshop and Video Editing techniques. We can create and customize photos, graphics and videos to your specific needs.